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  • Hello,

    we have a suite of programs which are organized within a DSC with AppV 4.6. There is a major application which opens a gui and shows buttons to the other applications (which are within the group). If a user has no rights to access a application then the button is not active for him (controlled via AD Groups). This system is working fine with AppV 4.6 and DSC.

    The applications are sequenced without any modifications besides of the major application which has the <DEPENDENCIES>-Tag in the OSD-File.

    Parallel to AppV 4.6 we are currently using AppV 5. For the future we want to use only AppV 5. So we are trying to import existing AppV 4 packages to AppV 5.

    The migration of the packages with "ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage" worked but the none of the applications are starting under AppV 5, with or without Package Groups.

    Nevertheless, if the applications are sequenced with AppV 5-Sequencer they are starting.

    After creating a Connection Group we can start the major application. The buttons are shown but when I click on a button nothing is happening (which should open another application from the Connection Group). This is currently our problem.

    My question so far, are there some known changes in the behavior of the Connection Groups in relation to DSC? Or do you have further suggestions for us to solve the problem?

    (We also tried to use the different COM methods (Isolated, Integrated, Off) and different options for OOP and IP, but this doesn't help at all).

    Monday, September 8, 2014 1:12 PM