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  • Apparently, Task custom fields that contain a formula are not allowed in Resource Assignment views. I'm able to get formula Project fields in Project Center. I'm also able to get Task formula fields in the Project Details views (both task and assignment). I have rolled down to assignments as many seem to over look.

    I have found answered questions

    This 'answers' the question by stating that resource info is not known when to recalculate. But this is different because it is a task field that rolls down to assignment, and should be calculated at project publish.

    The classic scenario:

    A Project custom field needs to be seen by resources. Since Project related fields are not available for assignment views, a task field that rolls down to assignments is created with a formula that is simply equal to the project field. This task field is them used in task and assignment views. Seemed to work great in 2007.

    The only work around I've found is to populate a text field, without a formula, with a macro in Pro. Seems like a lot of overhead for simple feature that was used in legacy versions. Large schedules would take even longer to open. We have several Macros running on opening of a schedule. Really don't want to add more.

    Anyone have a better way to handle this?



    Monday, February 10, 2014 7:12 PM