Exception message: Unknown server error when trying to export with PPSCMD


  • Hello I have been trying to do an export of my application with the PPSCMD command line utility. 


    I wrote a batch script:


    "D:\apps\Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server Clients\3.0\BizModeler\ppscmd" migrate /export /server http://perfpointplan:46787 /application PRF D:\apps\PerformancePoint.Export\PRF


    I see it exporting the dimensions and models without problems but then it gets down to the form templates (say it is started) then it comes back with a message:


    Error in command.  Exception message:  Unknown server error.


    Am I doing something wrong?  I am following the instructions for performing application export/import that I found on TechNet.


    Any help will be appreciated.




    Matt Warren

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 3:39 PM


  • Hi Matt,


    Can you please take a look into following scenario may cause Export issues?


    Problem: The problem could be either of these:

    1. You have a form template for Model open on some machine.
    2. You have deleted the form template file directly from the share and not BizModeler.

    Resolution: Here is what you  need to do.

    In case the problem is #1:

    1. Make sure the file is not open on any of your client machines.
    2. Try Migrate /export again.

    In case of problem is #2:

    1. Open BizModeler and go to Forms and Reports
    2. For each form template there, you need to make sure that you have corresponding file specified in “Location” column. 
    3. For all the files not existent anymore, the corresponding form template entry from BizModeler should be deleted.

    Please re-post if there is an issue


    Thank you,

    Sundar - MSFT



    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 4:17 PM