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    On certain SOftgrid/App-V infrastructures, clients will startup and immediately go into Disconnected Operations (DO) mode instead of refreshing from the server and streaming applications.




    Disconnected Operations mode is used by mobile users so that Softgrid-enabled applications can still be used offline.  Applications need to be completely loaded on the client side, however, for this mode to work effectively.  If an application is only partially loaded, then a  user could hit a point where the feature block for a required function is not loaded and the application will fail.


    On the first launch of any application, transport does a fast connect to the Virtual Application Server (VAS).  If a client cannot reach the VAS in one second, it will go into DO mode.  Heavy network activity can actually cause contact from Desktop Client to the VAS take longer than one second.  Connections and infrastructure may all be correct, but with the network traffic delay, the Desktop Client believes the VAS is not available and enters DO mode.





    The FastConnectTimeout can be changed by creating a new key in the registry to 5 seconds to allow for more time to connect to the VAS.  The only caveat for this method is that for users who actually are in DO mode, there will be a 5 second delay in applications starting.

    Adding this to the registry makes it the determining override for the Client to go into DO mode.  This is instead of using the ConnectTimeout entry or the system's TCP timeout (~25 seconds).


    To change the FastConnectTimeout setting:


    1. Click on START>RUN
    2. Type REGEDIT in the dialog box
    3. Browse to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Softricity\SoftGrid Client\CurrentVersion\Network
    4. Right-click on NETWORK, and select NEW>DWORD Value
    5. Enter "FastConnectTimeOut" for the Name field
    6. Right click on the name "FastConnectTimeOut" and select MODIFY
    7. Change the Value Data field to "5" and click OK
    8. Close the Registry
    9. Restart the listener (or the machine) for this to take effect.


    This will be applied on the next subsequent connect.


    Repro Steps



    No direct repro as this will vary depending on network environments


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    Applies to:

    Softgrid for Windows Desktops
    Softgrid for Terminal Services
    App-V for Windows Desktops
    App-V for Terminal Services



    For more information regarding Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), please also refer to the App-V Team blog at http://blogs.technet.com/Softgrid/.

    Friday, November 14, 2008 4:04 AM