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  • Hello,

    I am a new developer to SharePoint; however, I have 15 years experience with custom Web applications using ColdFusion and MS SQL Server.

    In my new job, I'm being asked to develop (quickly, in 5 weeks) a forms-based Web application for appx 5000 users to do basic CRUD tasks on our customers.  So, doing my resource assessment based on the only Web technology I have available to me, I'm seeing that

    • Our SharePoint site (the "free" SharePoint 2007 product) has a Forms Web part
    • I have a robust SQL Server 2008 dB to use
    • (from Googling) SharePoint offers ways to deploy InfoPath form objects to SharePoint sites (and my users have InfoPath)
    • (from Googling) Custom .NET applications/pages are often deployed to SharePoint (But I will not have admin right to my company's SharePoint server, if that matters...)

    Basically, since I'm brand new to SharePoint, InfoPath and .NET, what would you suggest as the best option based on my background as a CF/MS SQL developer?

    In my heart, I want to go down the road of learning custom .NET development.  But, in 5-weeks, I've got to have this ready for my users.  InfoPath looks tasty, but I'm concerned about using it with the "free" SharePoint 2007 server my company uses...

    Any input will be *greatly* appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

    Friday, November 18, 2011 3:21 PM


  • By mentioning "Free" sharePoint, i guess you are mentioning Windows SharePoint Services(WSS). To publish and use Infopath forms in SharePoint you need an Enterprise License.

    So given the case, infopath is ruled out and the remaining combination is SharePoint custom application pages+Sql Server 2008. If you are not going to use any of the SharePoint's feature like versioning,collaboration,SP object model and only going to do CRUD operations on Sql Server 2008 then you don't need WSS too here. Implement FBA in a ASP.NET application with Sql server 2008 back end and spin it up.

    If you want to leverage SharePoint object model then you need to develop pages for SharePoint and to deploy either you need admin rights on the server or you will need the assistance of  SharePoint admin.

    Aravind http://aravindrises.blogspot.com
    Friday, November 18, 2011 5:54 PM