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  • Hi Everyone,


    I have a FAST issue where a webanalyzer file (and folder) is missing on one of my FAST nodes.


    I'm actually seeing the error occur in the sprel component, where the error I get is as follows (from /var/log/sprel/sprel_proc.log):


    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'D:\\FASTSE~1\\data\\webanalyzer\\walookupdb1\\1.sharepoint_rel.0.1.bin'"

    [2012-11-14 10:19:17.430]  Worker on$FASTSEARCH\data\sprel\worker:13310:

        Unload target: Target copy_1.sharepoint_rel.0.1.bin failed (2 attempts): Command: cobra $FASTSEARCH\lib\python2.5\pythontasks.pyc _local_copy_func 1.sharepoint_rel.0.bin $FASTSEARCH\data\webanalyzer\walookupdb1\1.sharepoint_rel [..], retcode: ('completed', 1) stdout:  stderr: Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "", line 194, in <module>

      File "", line 185, in main

      File "", line 509, in <module>

      File "", line 488, in main

      File "", line 60, in _local_copy_func

      File "lib\", line 85, in copy

      File "lib\", line 52, in copyfile



    It appears this may be caused by a missing webanalyzer waworker or walookupdb component.


    I have a 2 server FAST farm (row 0 and row 1).  On the row 0 server (fastp02), I have walookupdb0 and walookupdb1 folders in d:\fastsearch\data\webanalyzer.

    On the row 1 server (fastp03), the walookupdb1 folder is missing (as are the files in that folder referenced above that sprel is looking for).

    Here is the webanalyzer status:




    It only shows 1 waworker / walookupdb listed.  I'm assuming that this may have something to do with why the walookupdb1 folder is missing.


    However, the waconfig file (/etc/waconfig.xml) shows 2 waworkers / walookupdbs supposedly configured:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


         <attrib name="max_targets">1</attrib>

         <attrib name="duplicate_dbs">1</attrib>

         <attrib name="waworkers" type="list">

             <member type="string">$FASTSEARCH/data/webanalyzer/waworker1</member>

            <member type="string">$FASTSEARCH/data/webanalyzer/waworker1</member>


         <attrib name="walookupdbs" type="list">

             <member type="string"></member>

            <member type="string"></member>





    Furthermore, for comparison I reviewed a different environment with the same configuration (2 FAST servers, row 0 and row 1 indexes) that is operating correctly.  In this environment, waadmin shows that there are two waworkers/walookupdbs:




    Can someone make a suggestion as to how to get things configured so that the waworker/walookupdb components are running properly on the row 1 server, and as a result that my missing files are properly generated?


    Thanks for any guidance on this!




    For reference, here is my deployment.xml file:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


    <deployment version="14" modifiedBy="system" modifiedTime="2012-02-03T13:18:14Z" comment="Default install time deployment"

    xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" deployment.xsd">





      <host name="">

    <admin />

    <document-processor processes="4" />

    <content-distributor id="0" />

    <indexing-dispatcher />


    <webanalyzer server="true" max-targets="1" link-processing="true" lookup-db="true" redundant-lookup="true" />

    <searchengine row="0" column="0" />

    <query />



      <host name="">

    <document-processor processes="4" />

              <content-distributor id="1" />

    <indexing-dispatcher />

    <webanalyzer server="false" max-targets="1" link-processing="true" lookup-db="true" redundant-lookup="true" />

    <searchengine row="1" column="0" />

    <query />




        <row id="0" index="primary" search="true" />

        <row id="1" index="secondary" search="true" />





    Monday, December 3, 2012 6:16 PM