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  • I have Windows XP-32 installed on one partition and testing Windows 7-32 on another. When I first tried to install Windows 7 either 32 or 64 from boot I got the device driver missing error. I decided instead to install Windows 7 from within Windows XP. I was able to install Windows 7 and it ran great, but I soon noticed I couldn't play DVD movies. I later found I could not run any CDs or DVDs at from within Windows 7. I was still using my old IDE DVD Burner I'd taken out of my old computer. I had another, but I do not bother to use it.

    I basically concluded that the problem was likely the drive not Windows 7. I can't remember if Windows 7 and Vista upgrade advisors found issues  with the drive, but it is possible. I purchases 2 LG SATA DVD-Writers, both the exact same model.

     I loaded in Windows 7 and everything seemed fine. I was finally actually able to the use the DVD drives. I never got a single error or any crashes.

    I load into Windows XP and it crashes before the login screen even comes up. I load into safe mode and it crashes soon after the desktop comes up. I few times I didn't get the BSOD until I actually tried to access the drives. I was " driver_irql_not_less_or_equal" on the BSOD.

    I decided that maybe I should try testing only one drive connected at a time. I also figured I should try the drives on Sata 2 &3 rather than 1 &2. I'm eventually going to add another HD anyway, so the other HD will end up being the 2nd drive, so I would have eventually moved the drive anyway. But basically after I removed one drive I could no longer boot into XP to even get the BSOD. It froze if I told it to load into normal mode. IF I told it to load into safe mode it just sat there after it gave the list of files it loads before going into safe mode.

     I eventually just put my WinXP CD in and just did a repair install and was able to get back into XP. I was even able to use the drives, but I do get the BSOD every once in a while still with XP. I also get a message saying XP has recovered from an error when it starts up sometime. Also, I can no longer boot the 64 Bit Windows 7 CD. It just says Windows cannot start.  32- Bit works fine because I I actually had to do a quick repair from the 32-Bit CD to make Windows 7 start showing up in OS choices again after re-install XP.

    My next step was going to be to erase both partitions and just do complete re-installs on both O/S' to see how it works then. I'm thinking of taking one or both drives back,but I don't want to play around with this too long if it's not gonna work and miss my return time-frame.

    Any ideas?
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009 4:51 PM