Detecting a pop up on a remote machine RRS feed

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    1. I manage a relatively large Lab-type environment where our user community could request a set of VMs, ranging from 2-20+ with various OSes, from Vista onwards. This is to test many of our Software packages for compatible etc. These VMs are good for 30 days, users could request different set upon expiration.

    2. As a result, our main App would create 100+ VMs each and every day, build pre-set sets of environments using VHDs, then configure the network (an environment would require its own primary and/or child domain controllers) and so on.

    3. Many times, due to variety of reasons, these builds failed due to a pop up message box pending. The build scripts usually would interact with these pop ups but like I mentioned before it failed at times.

    4. The only way I could find is to manually logon to these VMs and discover the pop ups.

    5. The question here is to find a programmatic way, preferably through some scripts and remotely determine if there is a pending pop up on a given VM, provide an appropriate response like clicking a 'yes' button on that pop up.

    6. I understood that some scripting tools like PowerShell could not do that unless it is in the same session. I am wondering if someone in these forums have dealt with similar, if not identical, situation. I would definitely like to hear or see some sample code/snippet.


    Wednesday, December 2, 2015 4:32 AM