Can somebody explain why initial dcpromo of a new DC in a new Site fails if VPN tunnel between Sites has "too low" MTU?


  • Hi there,

    during the last few days I had a problem I never saw before and I would like to understand why this happened.
    So I would be very happy if somebody could explain to me.

    Here is what happened.
    I installed a Windows Server 2016 with all Windows Updates available.
    Then I ran dcpromo and created a new forest and new domain with this DC.
    - so far so good ... no problems -
    I set up two sites in AD, the first containing this new DC and the second one with the purpose to set up a second dDCn there.
    The two sites did have different subnets ( & ).
    The two sites were connected with a IPSec VPN tunnel.
    So I installed the second Windows Server 2016 in the second site with all Windows Updates available.
    I checked that the two Servers could ping each other and that SMB was working and it did. I also checked that DNS on the first one was working as I did it in the past whenever I promoted a Server to DC.
    The initial tests on the second DC were passed, the Server was promoted to DC and I could see it in AD BUT the sysvol never syncronized!
    dcdiag always got me one error I never saw before ... failing the dsgetdcname advertising telling me that it returned information for the first DC when trying the second one ...

    What I did to find the reason for that behaviour is too long to write here but nothing seemed to work.
    Fact: I installed and promoted a second DC in the first site ( so no VPN between the DCS ) and it worked without any problem.
    I installed the fourth Server in the second site ( with VPN in between ) and guess what it did NOT work.
    Same messages from dsgetdcname and no sysvol.

    After lots of googling I found something saying that initial sync would be done with udp packages and that there could be a problem with MTU so I tried to modify the registry to switch from UDP to TCP for Kerberos because TCP runs better with smaller MTU?
    Guess what ... nothing changed. I deleted the two DCs in the second site installed and promoted again and nothing happened.
    Same errors.
    I did check the MTU size available over the IPSec tunnel with PING -l -f and found out that the MTU was pretty low ... only 1394 was going through so I was wondering if this really could be the problem.
    I changed the VPN tunnel between the two sites to an SSL vpn and checked and got 1472 max MTU and with this VPN between the two sites I was able to promote a DC in the second site and everything went fine ... no errors, sysvol is replicated ...

    So please can somebody explain why this happened?
    I thought that Windows OS tests the MTU on the path and negotiate and then everything runs smooth?
    But why is that not working for initial sync of the sysvol?

    Thanks a lot for explaining it to me ...

    Monday, February 6, 2017 4:20 PM

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  • Hi

     So please can somebody explain why this happened? >>>> It could have been for a number of reasons

    - Using the wrong DNS servers such as an external DNS, such as your ISP’s DNS server
    - Using your router as a DNS address – Note: your router is not a DNS server
    - Firewall blocks between the DCs, whether a perimeter firewall, firewall rules on the VPN tunnels
    - Antivirus software – many new antivirus sport a “network traffic protect” feature that act like a firewall that may block replication and other communication traffic.
    - Security software blocking necessary traffic
    - Windows Firewall not properly configured.
    - Duplicate DNS zones
    - MTU settings altered below 1500 on the VPN tunnel endpoints

    I guess you need to check all these possibilities...

    Also check these article for AD vpn mtu size(maybe already checked);

    and this similar case;

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    Monday, February 6, 2017 5:26 PM
  • Hi Burak,

    thanks for the reply ... but as I already stated all the mentioned things like wrong DNS, Firewall, Antivirus and so on was NOT the reason.

    As I wrote it was due to the MTU size of the VPN tunnel ... working with MTU 1472 and NOT working with MTU 1392 ... and I wanted to know why this difference in MTU prevents the initial sync th happen.


    Friday, February 10, 2017 11:00 AM
  • Hi Thomas,
    I would suggest you take a look at the following thread regarding some discussion MTU over VPN, you could refer to some details:
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    In addition, it seems to relate to details of network traffic, I would suggest you have a try in the network forum:
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    Monday, February 13, 2017 3:19 AM
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    Friday, February 17, 2017 9:32 AM