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  • Hi All,

    Has anybody purchased the above yet and if so what are your experiences? I have had mine now for 2 days and so far its been an up and down ride!

    I was looking forward to returning to the WP platform but so far not so good. So, I love WP 8.1, I really cannot understand why people winge on about lack of apps, I have everything I need installed on it, who needs 1 million plus apps? Anyway, its doing everything I need, however the things its doing that I do not need are as follows:

    • Battery life - 1st day as expected it didn't even last a whole days use, day 2 so far after a full battery drain then charge overnight, I'm looking at 55% remaining after just 4 hours of light use (music on metro *side note, although the equalizer is not in xbox music the quality is superb and finally I have a device that lets me set  it how I like to hear it!, email checks, facebook, news reading). It is optimistically telling me I have 21 hours left, ok so we'll see how that one plays out!
    • Stability - This thing crashes like NT 4.0 with a poorly written driver! Wow, wasn't expecting that. Already today I have had to reboot it 4 times due to unlocking and facing a "loading" or "resuming" screen which never loads or resumes.
    • Random heat - Naturally upon unboxing I did every update necessary which of course generated a lot of heat. The trouble is when its sitting apparently doing nothing it suddenly starts to get hot again, weird, don't appear to have any updates going on or high volume of traffic!
    • Apps - I know I've said I have all the apps I need which is good, but this ties in with stability. I've noticed that some apps are unstable and crash, or don't update properly.

    Overall I'm underwhelmed and disappointed, which is such a shame I was so looking forward to a greatly improved WP experience. But so far my general opinion on this device and operating system is that its half baked, a beta device with beta software on it.

    I will persevere in the hope that there will be imminent firmware/OS updates to rectify these issues, and hopefully make this device the awesome machine that it should be!

    Anyone know if there are updates coming in the near future?

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 7:03 AM

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  • I share your sentiments.

    I had a Lumia 930 for exactly 24hrs before returning it to the store.

    Was looking forward to the native Outlook and Office apps, but what ultimately sank the ecosystem for me was the lack of PPTP protocol on VPN.

    Now I will have to (begrudgingly) go with Android on S5.

    Sunday, September 21, 2014 12:30 PM