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  • We have a website built on Java and WebSphere.  We offer a spread sheet download which contains macros and data retrieved from the site. I have used Java/POI to populate the sheet with success.  First I used POI 3.5 beta and now I have plugged in 3.7 instead.  Up to now we have supported Excel 2000.  We are moving to Office 2010 and the download no longer works as well.  Now when opening the downloaded spread sheet there is a 4-step process where as before users simply clicked enable macros.  In order Users get
    1. Excel has detected a problem with this file.  Opening may be dangerous.  
       Click Open
    2. Users see a Red Banner, Protected View - Office has detected a problem...Editing it may harm your computer. Click for more details.
       Click on red bar
    3. Document is in protected View.. same warnings, option to Edit Anyway.
       Click Edit Anyway
    4. Security warning - some active content has been disabled.  Click for more details.  Enable Content Link
       Click Enable Content
    Finally, the sheet can be opened and used.  It works correctly.  

    My questions here are:

    1. The tool Microsoft offers to examine VBA code found issues but they seem to be red herrings as they point to objects we don't use. This is the VBA compatibility tool.  It found 18 items that were deprecated or changed.  However, they do not make sense.  For example I use WorkSheet.Count - the compatibility report said something about DiagramNodeChildren.Count  -  does this mean WorkSheet.Count no longer works or are they reporting on functions and not the changed objects?  That seems stupid.  Any guidance in how to make sense of these "errors" - I have downloaded the changes to the Object Model document - it does not mention any change to the WorkSheet object?

    2. I do not want to rewrite this process if it works but I must do something to get rid of the barrage of messages.  I will rewrite it if need be.  AS AN ASIDE, Just downloading the file from web-content one has to only go through the Enable Content
    step.  However we have to process the file adding data to it.  It seems this processing and the downloading triggers all these messages.  If we get a digital certificate to sign the code will Excel 2010 open the file without the dire warnings?

    Thanks for any tips - Jim Thomas


    Wednesday, February 2, 2011 11:17 PM