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  • Today I had to have my system restored after a major hard drive error, and I'm in the process of putting everything back together. Unfortunately the guy who did the reinstallation and backup spelled my name wrong when he set up the operating system; my computer appears in the network as SARA-HP and all my user files are also under "Sara." My name is spelled Sarah, and this is minor but it's driving me absolutely insane. I tried changing it through the control panel, but that didn't affect the files or network name, and I tried running netplwiz but it won't let me change the name there either - it keeps giving me an error. 

    Please let me know what I can do to fix this! I know it's not a major thing, but it doesn't feel like it's really my laptop with the wrong name on everything.


    Sunday, October 13, 2013 6:30 AM


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    Sunday, October 13, 2013 9:19 AM
  • This is a sure way....

    Step 1. Go to Microsoft.com and make sure your Profile name is the name you'd like for your PC account name to reflect. If it's not, change and save your Profile Name at Microsoft.com to the name you want to have displayed on your PC. Keep yourself connected to the internet through the rest of this process by minimizing the internet screen while you complete the rest of these steps.

    Step 2. On your PC, select "Start"

    Step 3. Go to " PC Settings". .then select "Accounts"

    Step 4. Then below your current account name select "Disconnect" .

    Step 5.  In the "Switch to a local account" screen, type your "Current password".

    Step 6. Then in the"Switch to a local account " screen, create a temporary account by filling in the info...then click "Next". This will take you to the last "Switch to a local account " screen.

    Step 7. Click. "Sign out and finish"...

    Step 8. This briefly restarts your computer. Now enter the temporary password you recently created a few steps back. 

    Step 9. Now, as if your starting all over click "Start"

    Step 10. Go to " pc settings". .then select "Accounts"

    Step 11. Then below your current account name select "Connect to a Microsoft account" .

    Step 12. In the "Switch to a Microsoft account on this PC" screen, type your "Current password". This will take you to the" Sign in to your Microsoft account " screen.

    Step 13. Enter your Microsoft email and Microsoft email password and click" Next". This will prompt a "Help us protect your info" window, requesting confirmation of who you are. Enter the requested info for Microsoft to send you a confirmation "code". Mine is by text. Then click "Next".

    Step 14. Retrieve your code by text or email and enter it in the window provided for it. Then click" Next".

    Step 15. In this next screen, make your selection as to whether you want to be connected to the Microsoft cloud and click "Next". This prompts you to your last screen enntitled "Switch to a Microsoft account on this PC" and you'll see you're new name.

    Step 16. Click"Switch " and your done. Enjoy your new name. Please be so kind so as to let me know if this has worked for you...I'm sure it will.

    Thursday, October 2, 2014 6:15 PM