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  • Hi,currently we have PS2007/MOSS 2007 with WK2003 set up in another location of client.client wants to migrate entire set up from location a to location b.due to couple of support issue with Wk2003 we have decided that we will use windows server 2008 as OS.We are going to use full farm back up/DB back up to set up new PS environment(we have a Moss root site and a PWA site)

    I have couple of questions regarding it 

    a)Does anybody see any issue or any know issue e.g PS2007/Moss 2007 should be SP1 to install in WK 2008.

    b)Can anybody share any installation link (good to have steps with images) to install MOSS 07/PS 07 in windows server 2008.

    c)what should be the best way to restore full farm back up /or DB and create a similar environment.any help would be great.

    d) we are going to use Sql server 2008 R2 (any known issue while migrating data from SQL server 2005 ,please let me know).

    loooking for any kind of technical info/help.


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  • I don't think that you will be able to achive this via image backup. So here are the steps that I would suggest

    • Build sharepoint farm to the same patch level as your existing farm
    • Deploy custom code so that your new farm will have all existing dll's and customised files
    • Copy the content DB's from your existing farm and then restore those SQL backups.
    • Once you attach these content DB's into your farm managed path will be created
    • Also create a secondary SSP using the SSP database backup of your existing farm
    • Once SSP is created then make that as primary SSP in the farm and delete the one that you have created during your farm build.
    • You will have to run full search crawls and user profile import on that then.


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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:05 AM
  • I think it would be easier Gaur to use the full farm restore as the steps above do not take account of your Project Server instance.  Once you have installled MOSS/MSPS on the new farm and have Central Administration up and running then you can use full farm restore which will do all the databse restores for you.  It can be tricky when you need to replace all the database server names if you are migrating to a new SQL - not sure if your 2008 R2 will have the same name as your old 2005 one - but one trick I have used is editing the XML file that gets created during the full farm backup so that when I restore it already has the new DB server name filled in (search and replace is easier than re-typing many times!).  I would also suggest that SP2 should be the minimum release level you consider for MOSS?MSPS - or even a more recent CU.

    I'm mainly thinking of the Project Server side and if Soumyadev has better expertise on the MOSS side then hopefully he will reply with any issues with the full farm restore.

    Best regards,


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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 2:54 PM
  • Thanks Soumya for info
    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3:06 PM
  • Thanks Brian,I am thrilled and happy to see your reply here.I was following your blogs since many years.thanks so much for this info.
    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3:07 PM
  • thanks Soumya,

    I'll be thankful if you can further help me on your point no 2(Deploy custom code )

    I remember that couple of months back one menu feature was deployed in our server via WSP package that time we were not having any idea of migration and unfortunately I didn't keep that solution in proper place and lost it now .I have read that we can not migrate custom feature via DB/Farm restore! is it true? Can not we migrate that feature via feature files ?I have seen couple of feature xml files (Element.xml and Feature.xml)  Which are located at (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES).

    Let me know if you are positive that they can be migrated via any mean.

    thanks in advance.


    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3:25 PM
  • Brian,

    yes,actually we are migrating MOSS/PS 2007 environment from location a (server names a1,a2) to location b(server names b1,b2).I liked the idea of replacing new DB server name in full farm back up xml file.diff server names were  my major concern while migration .

    do you have any blog or document for such type of migration? it would be really great if you have and share such doc.

    thanks so much.



    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3:37 PM
  • Deploying of custom code means, you need to install all existing WSP's in your current farm to your new farm. If you don't have the WSP solution then it will be a problem then. You need to build that WSP and then install it back to your farm.

    This option would not have been required, if your image backup worked. The reason I feel it might not work is that due to difference in OS versions. Howver, you can still check  with hardware team if that option is possible or not.

    I've not tried full farm backup so cannot comment on if that satisfies copying over custom code deployed using WSP. It however, does copy over webapplication, site collections and content Databases including SSP and Search DB. However, I have a doubt on whether it creates deadlocks on database while taking this aproach. It would be worth while trying this approach in your test environment.

    You will find ways to backup farm under this link 

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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:12 PM