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  • Hello,

    I would like to share my bad experience with SNOM 870 phone UC edition (a.k.a. supposed to work with Lync 2010 server environment). I got one cheap off eBay so I'm very happy that at least I did not loose any money on it as at the end I sold it and even made some profit.

    So where I should begin? Probably from the bottom line: I still don't understand the concept behind Main Menu screen that is nothing but confusing and frustrating. Here is what you get when you boot your SNOM 870 UC edition phone and connect it to Lync 2010:

    It is important to mention that this phone is not really designed for Lync IMHO. What they do is trying to make firmware work with Lync server. While all other manufacturers are already up-to-speed with Lync 2010 phone edition (Polycom CX600, Aastra 6725ip, HP 4120 etc.) SNOM phones are still in beta mode, still buggy and still don't look good.

    Even though I was able to sign-in to Lync (and yes you need to access your phone from HTTP browser knowing phone's IP address and pre-set your username and password remotely) I was completely upset seeing the main menu trying to figure out how to use it. It is completely user-unfriendly I would say. Lots of square boxes (but they do not look like live tiles) and completely unclear what they do. Things like see photos or access your Exchange calendar - these things are not even there. Yes, you can make and receive calls. But you cannot see your status - Lync logo is not on this phone. Remember I said it was not designed for Lync?

    What else? Well, unless somebody can convince me that this is the best Lync phone ever (and provide detailed and definitive proof that this is the case) - I will not recommend even trying this phone in Lync environment. Unless you are tired from everything else, have the all time in the world, and want actually discover things that you don't know yet. At least this was my experience, and this is what I feel.

    Unfortunately I was not able to check SNOM 821 UC edition, maybe this phone is working better with Lync, I don't know. I was in touch with SNOM sales person who promised several times to send me free demo of SNOM 821 (refurbished or so) but this never happened. Sometimes I think that these guys making this phone just for fun and they are not really interested that people will buy this phone for Lync 2010.

    Anyway, that's it. This is my story. If you have questions or can add anything - please don't hesitate to reply.


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  • Hi,Lync15

    Thanks for sharing your experience using SNOM for Lync,maybe you can write a blog post about the configuration and share us the link here.



    Sharon Shen

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    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 7:03 AM
  • Well, for me it was not much configuration. All I did is went to the phone WEB page (sounds weird, eh?) and configured Identity 1 with my login credentials to Lync server. They have up to 16 credentials to configure and then I guess you can switch them, but in my mind this is big no-no and super-unsecure. Even with one remembered credentials if the phone is stolen or sold without making reset it will work from anywhere in the world until user changes password. So 16 remembered credentials I think is a big mistake.

    There are plenty of articles in the Internet that shows the configuration page of this phone, I'm just attaching one picture I found on the Internet below.

    My bottom line: yeah, it is different phone. Does it mean it is good? I don't think so. Instead of focusing on business and do things quick, with this phone you need to learn a lot, and I personally don't like this interface (and I'm a Lync phones fan from day one).

    I guess that's it for now.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 2:04 PM
  • Hi Lync15,

    well, I agree with you, but that is the reason why the SNOM 870 is not on the Microsofot Compatible IP Phones Tested and Qualified for Lync :-)


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    Jean-Philippe Breton | Senior Microsoft Consultant | MCTS, MCITP, MCT, Lync MVP

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 2:28 PM
  • With snom Lync Qualified devices and fw you can use Pin authentication. (so no web UI config then, just type into pin from phone screen like LPE) (this requires DHCP setup, just like LPE) Also, remember that LYnc can do snom UC Edition firmware updates in same manner as LPE.

    On complaint about web UI: Do remember that the LPE (lync phone edition) has no web UI and basically this means there is no way to remotely set many user preferences on the phone: ringer tone, whether phone beep-beeps on 2nd call, music on hold etc etc. (so if you want to mass set the ringer tone for LPE, sorry pal! ;-) Also, remember that Polycom Lync Qualified devices use WebUI as well. Polycom Lync devices initial config is more complex involving importing cert and config.xml, (so maybe we better be thankful ;-)

    On the 12 identities: just don't use them. ;-)  1 identity is all it takes! ;-) as I've recieved used/refurbished Lync Phone Edition devices with credentials typed in!)

    snom devices have their share of challenges, as  do Lync Phone Edition devices. (not saying either is bad, just select to fill your needs) Below is some challenges that can be encountered with LPE devices in specific scenarios:

    Some snom UC Edition challenges I would mention:
    -No "better together" experience
    -Would be nice to have Lync provision user preferences centrally (but in fairness, LPE itself doesn't even have this)

    My suggestion is to evaluate the various Lync devices and select the one that most closely fits your needs. Make use of your valued Lync consultant to help you.

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    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 4:19 PM
  • Lync15, I read your post and appreciate your feedback.   I would encourage you to try one of our current snom UC edition phones that are qualified for Lync  - including the snom 821 with our "Apollo"  UC edition firmware as well as the snom 300 and snom 370 UC edition phones.  We have received great feedback about these phones from the reseller community who have deployed then with Microsoft Lync so I would start there.  These snom UC edition phones have been tested by Microsoft 's Lync  team in order to achieve their qualification.  

    Based on your post, it also sounds like you have some outstanding questions that require answers - we are happy to walk you through the steps for set-up and configuration of snom UC phones  with MSFT Lync.  In addition,  we can connect you to one of our certified distributors if you need to procure a snom 821 UC edition for yourself.


    Paul Jamieson


    Thursday, September 6, 2012 2:58 PM