Outlook sending deleted drafts


  • Hi,

    I having a problem with outlook sending draft messages when they have been deleted.  Its currently only effecting a single user to my knowledge but it doesnt matter who the draft was created for.

    So the user creates a message, decides to wait and save the message before sending.  Later that day he them releases he no longer needs to send it and so deletes it.

    On emptying his deleted items that message gets sent to the original user it was specifically going to.  I have tried to replicate on three other machines with no luck in the same happening.  im hoping that its going to be a case of a tick box that has been accidently ticked but on going through all the options i cant seem to find anything.

    has anyone had this before or knows why its happening.

    thanks in advance.

    Friday, September 06, 2013 1:35 PM


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