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    Sunday, May 23, 2010 2:25 AM


  • Cannot Upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7

    Please provide more information, we can't see your computer.

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    Troubleshooting Tips To Solve Common Problems When Windows 7 Does Not Install

    1. Run Windows Upgrade Advisor to see if there are any known issues that might affect the installation and fix them.

    2. Disable all security software: anti-virus, firewall etc. Remember to enable afterwords.
    3. Make sure your computer has the most recent drivers and BIOS. Updating the BIOS can be risky, only do this if nothing else works.
    4. Disconnect all external devices except keyboard and mouse before installing.
    5. If using a video card and the computer has integrated video use that and remove the video card.
    6. Unplug your computer from the internet, if you have wireless disable it.
    7. RAM (memory) - reduce the amount of RAM. 1GB if installing 32bit, 2GB for 64bit, then replace RAM if the upgrade is successful. Also if you just added new RAM make sure it's compatible.
    8. If you have multiple hard drives remove all except the one you're installing Windows 7 on, then replace after Windows 7 is installed.
    9. If you downloaded Windows 7 and burned it to a DVD try burning it again at the slowest speed possible. It's also possible the download may have errors, you could try downloading it again.
    10. If you clicked on "Upgrade" to start the install make sure you are taking a supported upgrade path. You can NOT do an in place upgrade: A) XP to Windows 7, B) changing bit type ex: 32 to 64 bit, C) changing languages, D) downgrading editions ex:Vista Ult. to 7 Pro, or E) Vista Home to 7 Pro.

    11. Disable Startup Programs:
       A) Click Start, type MSCONFIG in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.
           OK User Account Control permission and enter password if any
           If using XP: Click Start, click Run, then type: MSCONFIG and click OK.
       B) On the General tab, click Selective Startup.
       C) Right below Selective Startup, uncheck the "Load Startup Items" check box.
       D) Click the Services tab, click the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box, then click Disable All.
       E) Click OK, then restart the computer.
       F) Attempt the upgrade again.

    (NOTE: if the upgrade doesn't work and you continue to use XP/Vista turn your security software back on, then also return to MSCONFIG and on the General tab, click "Normal Startup" then click OK to exit.)

    12. Check your RAM (memory) for errors. May take awhile, only do if nothing else worked.
       A) Insert the Windows 7 DVD and restart the computer.
       B) Boot from the Windows 7 DVD.
       C) Choose your language, then click Next.
       D) Click on "Repair your computer" then select the operating system to repair.
       E) Click the Memory Diagnostics link on the System Recovery menu.
       F) The computer will restart and your memory checked for any errors.

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