How can we prevent "Windows 10 Settings" adding a BING cookie to users profiles? RRS feed

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  • Some of our Hospital websites do not play nice with the new Windows 10 1709 Cookie API process in LTSC 1809 if there are older cookies that exist in users cookie folder.

    We noticed that the website would break after we launched Windows 10 "settings app" even when IE was not loaded.

    So we watched the users Cookies folder (from within IE) and when we launched Windows 10 Settings app it CREATED a BING cookie for every user?

    We are big into security and preventing cookies and we have cookies deleted on close of IE and not be added unless site is allowed, but how can we PREVENT Windows 10 Apps from adding this broken bing cookie?

    It is a broken cookie too.

    I cannot believe that Microsoft needs to add a cookie to open windows settings.


    Wednesday, May 15, 2019 11:36 PM

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