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  • Hi,

    I am trying to set up some simple trap monitoring for our network devices (mainly switches). I have set up warm and cold start traps using the unit monitor "node" and this works successfully. However I'm having issues setting up interface specific traps such as "error disabled" traps.

    If I use the monitor type "node" I will get an alert come through. But if I do not clear the alert and then a second error disabled trap comes through, I will not recieve an alert for the second trap. The trap seems to update the alert rather than generate a new one. I pressume this is because I was using the "node" type.

    I then tried with the monitor type "Network Adapter (Network Base)". This time instead of one alert being generated, each interface generated an alert, to tell me that one specific interface was in error disabled (not sure if this is a bug).

    Which monitor type should I be using for this? I'm using SCOM 2012

    Friday, July 13, 2012 1:32 PM


  • It seems you are not targetting the individual interface, that's why you see this behavior. If your interfaces of the switch are discovered you can target this monitor to the interface and you will get individual up/down states for each interface. If you do not have interfaces available as a target you should probably create the alert using a rule. You wouldn't get a nice health state for each interface but at least you would get all alerts coming in from each interface...


    Stefan Koell | http://www.code4ward.net

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