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  • Hi everyone,

    I didn't use DPM before. I have changed job and on my new job we have DPM 2012. When employee is leaving company they have practice to leave his data. They just remove protection from that client (Laptop > Stop protection of member). Today I saw that we have a lot of old inactive records.

    1. Is it a good practice to Remove inactive protection? As I can see, I can't remove inactive protecion record and keep data. Can I use for this script below?

    2. What's your practice in situations like this, are you maybe using some script for deleting data after certain period of time?

    For now I have automated the whole process when employee is leaving company, except this part.

    This is my idea how to automate this part with powershell (of course it will not be hardcoded, this is just example)

    $PObjects = Get-DPMDatasource | where computer -EQ "TestComputer"
    $PGroup = Get-DPMProtectionGroup -DPMServerName (hostname) | where name -EQ $PObjects.ProtectionGroupName
    $MPGroup = Get-DPMModifiableProtectionGroup -ProtectionGroup $PGroup
    Remove-DPMChildDatasource -ChildDatasource $PObjects -ProtectionGroup $MPGroup -PassThru -KeepDiskData -KeepOnlineData
    Set-ProtectionGroup $MPGroup

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