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  • I have a problem with Windows 8.1 Prof. 32-bit using Compatibility Mode. I am programmer, my aplications are Clipper programs ( Clipper 5.01 and
    Blinker 6.0) and they work fine on early versions of Windows. On Windows 7 Prof. 32-bit, I noticed that program sometimes loses input from the keyboard during long actions, for example: reading of big disk file and creating new working file. That means, keyboard stop working for task with my program, but not for the other activ programs in Windows. I tried to use Compatibility Mode and after long testing I recognized that Compatibility Mode Windows 98/Me can resolve my problem. Other Compatibility Modes did not resolve problem. What is magic in Win 98/Me Compatibility Mode ?

    I use that Compatibility Mode for .BAT files ( not for .EXE files ) and everything is OK. That was on Windows 7 Prof. 32-bit. On Windows 8.1 Prof. 32-bit problem can not be avoided: start program without or with any Compatibility Mode occurs same problem. Compatibility Modes in Win 8.1 are not for .BAT files, so I used Compatibility Mode with .EXE files.

    None of the compatibility modes are enough. There is still randomly stoping input from the keyboard. That means: program sometimes work fine during several starts and finish regulary without losing keyboard input. But, sometimes same program with same datas can work once or two times. When that happens, I have to end task by click X-buttom of window because keyboard don’t work any more.

    This test was on Laptop Lenovo G500 with 4 GB memory and two 500 GB disks. I have regulary installed Windows 8.1 Prof. 32-bit and all Windows Updates are successfully instaled. NTVDM.exe is succesfully instaled 20.2.2015. ( NTVDM.exe is 526848 bytes and NTVDMD.dll is 14848 bytes on C:\Windows\System32 ). Same problem is on other computers with Win 8.1 , so I think problem is in the operating system.Do You have any ideas how to solve this keyboard problem od Win 8.1 ?

    Can You find Microsoft Windows 8.1 specialist for NTVDM who can analyze the behavior of Windows in this problem ?
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