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  • @!%#% forum software dumped my whole post that took me an hour to generate...   :-( 

    I'm installing DPM 2010 agents on Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 cluster nodes.  Warning, I'm a DPM newb.

    This is NOT a Hyper-V application and the volumes on the cluster are NOT CSVs, if I understand it right.  Only one node can access each volume.  Almost all of the DPM docs I can find that talk about "cluster-specific" stuff seem to be talking about CSVs. says when you install a client on a cluster node, it notifies you so you can "choose to" install the agent on the other cluster nodes as well, but it doesn't say the pros/cons of doing or not doing it.  That's about all I can find.

    I just installed the agents on this 2-node cluster.  It never notified me it was a cluster.  The only time it noticed was when it asked if I wanted it to reboot the node after installing the agent.  If I said yes it said "Sorry, can't, it's a cluster."  Once the agents were installed, DPM could see them, and it knows they're in a cluster.  But I don't see anything different about working with clusters.

    So, question: do I have to do anything special to protect non-CSV volumes on cluster nodes?  Or do I just have to install the agents on each node?  Do I have to install on all nodes, or only the nodes that mount the volumes I want to protect?

    BTW installing these agents was a major ordeal.  First I tried "attaching" the agents, since there was a Windows firewall on the cluster nodes.  That didn't work and it told me to go install them using DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe.  Did that, no joy.  So I uninstalled the agents and tried "installing" the agent from DPM -- no workee.  Then I uninstalled, disabled the firewall on one node, and "installed," and shazam!  That worked.  So I did (as far as I can tell) the EXACT SAME process on the other node, and it failed.  I did the EXACT SAME process on that node 4 times, and the 4th time it finally "took."  DPM crashed three times during this entire process.  It was not a smooth experience.

    So since I did the install 4 times before it worked, I don't know if the first time with the firewall active failed because of the firewall, or because the agent installer is apparently very flaky.  Question:  what's the CORRECT way to install this?  Run DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe on each node and then "attach" them?  Disable the firewall and "install" them?


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  • Hi,

    install agents on all nodes.

    Use the agent installation routine that works - in your case perhaps 'DPMAgentInstaller' manually with parameter DPMservername or afterwards "setdpmservername".
    With that option the firewall rules should be set automatically.

    When creating a protection group choose the cluster ressource under the cluster symbol - if listed.

    hope it helps



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    Friday, August 24, 2012 11:51 AM
  • What about handling failover?  The cluster only seems the LUNs from one node at a time.  Other nodes can't access it directly.  So when a node fails, the volumes are supposed to failover to the other node.  How does the other node know to mount the volume and present the storage?  How does DPM know to protect it at its new location?  Does it have cluster smarts so it takes care of that?
    Friday, August 24, 2012 7:02 PM
  • When the cluster is correctly configured the other node automatically takes care of the service.

    When you have selected the cluster ressource from the cluster name (not the host name of the node!) for the DPM Protection Group then DPM is cluster aware and continues backing up the "new" node in care of failover.



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    Monday, August 27, 2012 8:34 AM
  • I believe the cluster is configured correctly.  It's a 2-node storage appliance from HP and I assume they set up the cluster appropriately.  It all seems to work OK.  I've validated the cluster and it was OK, other than a few unplugged NICs and a two missing security patches on one node (MS12-037 and MS12-047, neither of which were applicable to this W2008R2 system!?).

    In the Management -> Agents tab of DPM, it shows two separate nodes.  The Details pane does indicate it knows it's in a cluster, but that's the only clue.

    I realized I was trying to solve the wrong problem.  While plain volumes are attached to one node or another, I should have been looking at File Server resources.  The recommended use model for this storage appliance is to create File Servers and mount volumes there.  So the File Server handles redirecting volume access to the correct node.

    And sure enough, if I create a Protection Group for Servers, it does show the File Server virtual host.  So I should be able to protect the volumes and shares associated with that File Server.  Thanks!

    Monday, August 27, 2012 11:03 PM