Malicious Remote Control Using Services RRS feed

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  • Help please: I am a novice home user and have had a every device I own remote accessed/controlled for over a year now. The roaming profile uses a .NET server that has isolated key to auto identify a *dword: 00000001 in my SID registry to config with a storage device match allowing Full Control through Trusted Installers, .dll, and ras--of which I have no idea how to deal with. The behavior is as follows-uses the drivers it installs to tunnel 4 in 6 creating a virtual server on my home network (I see 10 adapters with suspicious prtocols) that solicits others for over buffing and Ddos campaigns. It directs packets to wake on LAN and power management renders shutdown useless. My IP is Brightouse Networks and attacker? is using about 5 locations across the US to hop unresolved dns using the my services on the Brighthouse web site (back door). When I have toyed with AMD audio and DTS while Media Center is also running Links start a series of steps that run some unkown operation with frequencies, channels, and having a programmer interface for some activity that has all the signs of illegal and malicious. Help me--Geek Squad keeps sending me home with clean machines that have no issues...30 times now and 8 returns later. I have about 10 Microsoft case #s and a couple with Apple as well. Updates seem useless and changing service providers twice and SSID and passkey 30 times is futile. I have changed routers 4 times and informed my provider about issues--the tech that came to help did not even know about IPV6 and told me it was only used for emergency traffic, he plugged in the new router and left. That has been my experience with 
    Tuesday, January 13, 2015 7:58 PM