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  • I'm trying to find a weight scale to use with HealthVault.  My main criterion is that the scale should connect by WiFi directly to a websevice, without need for a local computer or phone (except for setup).  I can live with an intermediate web service if the integration is well implemented.

    I realize there is a page showing compatible hardware, but it it very light on detail and I suspicious that it's out of date.  For example, both Withings and Tanita seem to have removed all reference to HealthVault from their site. Fit Bit have a page about HealthVault, but neither weight nor body fat are mentioned on the list of fields which are shared.

    Best I can tell, the Sinovo devices require a connection to a local computer rather than connecting directly to a web service.  If so, this rules them out.  The Blipcare device looks promising but I'm suspicious that they are very small scale (no pun intended).  Note of the others have WiFi.

    I'd love to hear any recent anecdotal evidence.  I really don't want this to be the beginning of a complicated integration effort which culminates in me writing my own web service!

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