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  • Broadly speaking, the Edge Transport server role is an optional server role designed to operate in a perimeter network (or DMZ if you prefer) and functions as an email hygiene service before messages arrive at your internal servers.  You do not need to deploy an Edge Transport server role.  If you do, it must go into the perimeter network and must not be joined to your internal production Active Directory domain.


    The Hub Transport server role is required and performs internal message routing functions, i.e. messages between users on the same database.  It is also the place where you configure your transport rules.  You can deploy the antispam agents on a Hub Transport server if you wish.


    That's a broad overview.  Feel free to post any further specific questions.  Here's some further reading:


    Edge Overview:


    Hub Transport Overview:


    Tuesday, February 19, 2008 5:00 PM