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  • This is an Intel 7 chip.  i7 as they call it.  When Windows reads the word out of my bios it reads garbage. And decodes it as an AMD device.  It is not AMD.  Your folder protection test fails and you fail install.  This Bios was not rewritten to provide MS / Windows with the configuration of this system.  This is a DELL system and the company DELL bought to get this system in my hands didn't rewrite the Bios as it was assigned to.  MS could read the entire Bios and sort it out - or get DELL to provide the code and maybe the utility to run before configuration.  So many machines are like this - not that we are so old, it is just the way it is.  I'm 72, a long time user of MS at home.  I have 4 machines in various uses running system 10.   This is my computer, not the library, not the 4k camera computer for my Telescope, not my wife's or our grown Son's.  And another issue that blew up in my face, the memory based computer was 10 and you updated it and blew up the system.  Install is not verifying the memory space and the disk space for backups and install use.  I lost a lot of data in several databases when the system crashed and you reformatted the battery backed memory disk.  


    1. read the entire Bios or rewrite it from it's contents into the format you need/want.

    2. verify the memory / disk space you need before expanding and crashing computers.  Software issue from way back.

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 1:38 AM

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  • Do you have details? If you are referring to a 64bit CPU being referred to as AMD64, this is normal. The AMD64 name is used because AMD created the 64-bit instruction set that Intel and other CPU manufacturers use. So Windows will identify a 64bit capable Intel processor as AMD64 architecture.
    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 7:25 PM
  • Try downloading the BIOS update from Dell/Windows Explorer version..Also,any BIOS read/write can be wrong settings if the MB battery is corrupted.A desktop pc uses a 2032 type,as does a laptop,laptop uses 2 batteries,both can be faulty & the pc still runs fine if the battery charger is connected 100% of the time.And,if its a laptop,plug in charger,wait 20 minutes before start-up,on start,press the F2 key,check batter condition(s).BIOS can be set to the OS in services.msc/Plug & play,double click on it,reset to Auto start.Youre correct to loose data & the OS if the BIOS isn't running,usually the clock is wrong is a good indicator..
    Wednesday, July 17, 2019 1:10 AM