Error 4127, The content index is corrupt. 0xc0041800 RRS feed

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  • Troubled System:  Windows Sharepoint Services 3 Search, as part of Sharepoint Services 3.0

    OS:  SBS 2003 Premium, SP2.


    Actual Error:  Event ID: 4127

    Content index on Search could not be initialized. Error The content index is corrupt. 0xc0041800.Component: 3312bc8d-0460-484c-a688-9bab6560513a


    Question-  How do I properly recreate the content index of the troubled database?  (If that is indeed what needs doing)


    History-  The search function would not start on this machine, and was removed and reinstalled.  This involved manually removing the reg keys and files associated with MS Search, then reinstalling MS Search from the SQL 2000 CD, reinstalling SQL SP4, reinstalling Exchange 2003 + Exchange SP2, and finally reinstalling Windows 2003 SP2 & all updates.   The search function then started normally, and the exchange indexer started without error. 


    More recently, the above error began appearing in the app log.  WSS 3.0 uses the embedded SQL 2005 engine.  I have not come across much WSS 3.0 troubleshooting support, and hope that someone here can offer assistance.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions- 


    Tuesday, September 18, 2007 5:32 PM

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  • Fixed-


    In Central Administration, under Operations, Click "Services on Server"

    Stop the Search service.  (This will remove the link to the offending database)

    Start the search service.  (This will take you to the config page. accept default settings, click OK)


    This corrected my issue. 


    Tuesday, September 18, 2007 6:20 PM
  • To Resolve this issue you need to Reset all crawled content. To do this perform the following steps:

    1. Open SharePoint Central Administration.
    2. On the top nav bar, click Application Management.
    3. On the Application Management page, click Create or configure this farm’s shared services.
    4. On the Manage this Farms Shared Services page, click the SSP whoes administration page you want to open.
    5. On the Shared Services Administration Home page, click Search settings in the Search section.
    6. On the Configure Search Settings page, click Reset all crawled content in the Crawl Settings section.
    7. By default, the Deactivate search alerts during reset check box is selected on the Reset Crawled Content page. This option prevents users who have search alerts configured from being sent unnecessary e-mail messages when the crawled content is reset. Click to clear this check box if you do not want to disable alerts during the reset operation.
    8. Click Reset Now.
    9. In the message box, click OK to confirm that you want to reset the search content index.
    10. Go back to the Shared Services Administration Home page, click Search settings in the Search section.
    11. Click Content sources and crawl schedules.
    12. Drop the menu down for the Source you want to crawl, click Start Full Crawl.

    Once the crawl completes you should be all good again.

    Thursday, June 11, 2009 7:27 AM
  • >OS:  SBS 2003 Premium, SP2.

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