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  • I have downloaded Ultimate 64 and the required key from TechNet. I am trying to install it from a burned bootable DVD on a brand new system:

    Asus P5Q Pro


    4 Gigs RAM

    SATA HD, etc.

    IDE DVD Drive


    When I try to install Vista sees my DVD drive and starts downloading Dr DOS, the Oak Technology driver tries to load (IDE DVD Drive) and I encounter a "No drives found, aborting installation" message and "EMM386: Warning : Address line A20 already enabled      Frame=D400      Kb=32768"


    Oddly, USB hosts are found right after this then the installation hangs.


    I have tried:

    installing XP Pro then trying the Vista install again

    adding my older SATA HD drives and trying the Vista install

    installing 1 stick only of RAM and trying the Vista install

    using a ps2 adapter for my keyboard, unplugging all other USB devices and trying the Vista install

    booting from a removable device

    changing my BIOS SATA settings to IDE, SATA, and Enhanced and trying the Vista install

    disconnecting a CD RW and trying the Vista install

    plugging the SATA HD wires into different outlets on the mobo and trying the Vista install


    All of these approaches result in the system hanging with a blinking cursor after "USB device attached to host 06 Port 02" is displayed.


    Can anyone help?





    Thursday, July 10, 2008 1:06 AM


  • Hi,


    First, confirm the Windows Vista installation file is not damaged. Download it from a valid site and verify its integrity.


    Second, check your DVD drive and see if it is corrupted.


    Third, run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to check if your computer is ready to install Windows Vista 64bit.


    Fourth, you can copy the Windows Setup files to a folder on the hard disk and then run Setup from the local disk to check the result. 


    Fifth, make sure all unnecessary devices such as USB devices, sound card, network card and printer are unplugged before the installation.


    If you obtain Windows Vista 64bit from Microsoft MSDN, I suggest discussing the issue in our MSDN forum.




    Hope it helps.


    Tim Quan - MSFT


    Friday, July 11, 2008 2:45 AM