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  • On v3 there was a All file to import that was the recommended one to do. On version 4 a lot of programs are already there but not as big of list. When you look at file import you see four files, Internet Explorer, MSCertTrust, Popular Software, Recommen Software. Which one or ones would an average person need to import. I found sites on version 3 that recommended the All file but have found no sites that have any recommended files to import. Thanks Lynn
    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:23 PM

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  • Hi Lynn53,

    Welcome to the EMET Support forum.

    To be thorough I would recommend importing the Popular Software and the Recommended Software profiles. Importing the Internet Explorer profile separately is not necessary, it is included in the Recommended Software Profile.

    I provide instructions of how to import profiles in EMET v4 Beta in the 2nd post of the following thread:


    If you use any programs that are not included the above profiles you can add them manually as follows:

    Open EMET and choose Configure Apps:

    Direct Link to Image:


    Next, go to File->Add Application and browse to the location of the program and add the programs main executable file i.e. the file that you would usually use to launch that program:

    Direct Link to Image:


    You can choose to enable the SEHOP mitigation checkbox for any manually added application if you wish. If you experience any issues with the program that you have added, you can un-check the SEHOP box.

    A video about setting up EMET v3.0 is linked to in the following thread:


    While this is an older version of EMET, it should still provide a good introduction of how to use it. Further detailed instructions are available from the Ebay Security article also referenced in that thread.

    In relation to your other post in the Application Compatibility thread, I am not aware of any restriction about posting an image that applies shortly after signing up to this forum. Please find below a screenshot showing how to add an image to your post:

    While adding a new post, click the button highlighted below and then either upload an image directly to the forum or provide the link to an existing image from an image hosting website e.g. ImageShack or Photobucket.

    Direct Links to Images:



    Unfortunately it was several weeks after registering before I needed to post an image but I did not notice the number of buttons available increase as I created new posts over time. If you encounter any further difficulties, please ask a question in the following forum:


    If you require any further advice, please let us know. Thank you.

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    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:47 PM
  • Hi JamesC_836, thanks for the great detailed answer. I imported Popular and Recommended, and also manually added my open office and gimp. The only thing to add is after doing this started getting the error pop ups that I talked about in the other thread. I removed the checkmark for ROP Caller iexplorer and the pop ups have stopped, just wanted to add that so the cause of this might be solved before the final v4. I will wait and some time in the future try the insert photo again and see if it will work. Thanks for all your help, Lynn
    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 3:42 PM
  • Hi Lynn,

    It has recently been mentioned by another forum member that a forum account needs to be verified by Microsoft or a forum moderator before that account can be used to post images or links within your posts. This appears to be a recently implemented change.

    If you wish to post an image or links in the future, please find below the steps to have your account verified:


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    I originally mentioned the above steps in the following thread (please refer to my post dated: May 03, 2013):


    No immediate action is required from you right now but if you wish to post images or links in the future, this option may be useful to have.

    I hope this helps. Thank you.

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013 4:17 PM