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    Over the last couple of days I have been starting to get this error when I attempt to check in a web part page


    My scenario:

    1. I am working in a subsite based on the Multipage Workspace site template
    2. In SPD I navigate to my workspace pages folder (Workspace Pages) :  /pages1 
    3. I either click on the ribbon bar and Import Files and import a page I have previously used or I right click on an existing page -> "New from Existing" - either way the page is added in the "checked out" state
    4. Open the file in the browser everything looks fine
    5. In the ribbon bar I click Page tab-> "Edit Properties"
    6. Get presented with this helpful(!) message
    7. I edit the web page and in this case simply delete the XSLV  web part
    8. Click stop editing and the page is saved showing the web part as been removed.
    9. I attempt to check in 
    10. Then I get my Cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer check out or has been deleted
    11. I can happily go open the page in the browser and add my preconfigured DVWP then click -> "Stop Editing" to display my changes
    12. However, until the  gets checked in none of my users can see these changes ahhhhhh!


    To attempt to solve it I have

    • in Win XP navigate to 
    •  C:\Documents and Settings\stressed-developer\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\WebsiteCache and delete contents
    •         C:\Documents and Settings\stressed-developer\Application Data\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache and delete contents
    • checked the page and document content types in the SC: Title column for Document is optional


    I guess what is confusing is that these errors might not be related. I have seen a thread on here to indicate the Edit Page issue is a bit of a red herring. Going forward:  I seek the higher and collective intelligence of the SharePoint community; in other words, Help!!!!







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    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 11:08 AM

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  • Hi ,


    The Workspace Pages is not a library like the Site Pages .You can notice that Workspace Pages doesn’t have any edit item forms .That is why you get an error when choose Edit Properties in browser .Actually when I perform your step3 ,the newly created page is not checked out by default .If your page is checked out ,you can check it in in SharePoint designer before editing page in browser .


    For more information ,please refer to this site:

    Multipage Meeting Workspace (Page properties) : http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/sharepoint2010general/thread/b7dd5236-f38b-4c5b-9d95-4c690fe0034e



    Entan Ming

    Friday, November 11, 2011 5:30 AM
  • Hi



    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes if you look in SPD and right click on Pages1 (Workspace Pages) -> Settings you can check/uncheck 

    • Hide from browser
    • Require content approval for submitted items. 


    Either way, I should be able to check in and it does not allow me to do this.  I wonder if this has been fixed by a CU in your environment or SP1


     I have involved other people in my investigation and they seeing the same issue.  If you drag the workspace file into the Forms folder you then check in  and checkout but you get a error if you try to edit.  To be honest in our environment I have noticed quite a few issues with MPMWorkspace sites e.g. when you save the site as a template you loose the workspace pages so these needed to be added manually. 

    All in all, unworkable. Hence, I have rebuilt my test site using the the blank site template and migrated the web parts I needed.  I loose the right handside quick nav bar  when you open a web part page( I am sure the SharePoint team can supply a reason for this!) however, i think this can be sorted with hack to v4.master page.




    Friday, November 11, 2011 3:19 PM