Forms for SharePoint Online and Workflows


  •   Our customer site is building up a ITSSM solution with us on their SharePoint Online.

      For Forms we found that PowerApps is too limited in customizations as of yet. It seems to be experimental upon limited testing.  Other options are CSOM App or to Sharepoint SPX latest framework to develop client web part. Each form need to be multilingual and would store data in SQL server and Sharepoint would be to just give use familar intranet portal look and feel.

      For Workflows we found that inbuilt templates are of no us to us. Also Designer based workflows would be limited in capability. We would like visual studio based state workflow to use for SLA tracking and rest of logic. Do we need to use CSOM Based worklfows? would they run in Azure Service Bus?? Any clue on that?

      What about Microsoft Flow that is said to replace SharePoint workflows. How capable are they, can we use them for our helpdesk workflows?

    Shahid Roofi

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017 1:01 PM

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