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    I've installed Vista RC1 using the default ULi 1573 drivers for my SATA drives. Upon starting Vista I started getting a lot of stability problems (wouldn't boot, would hang, etc.). After allowing Vista to shutdown to either restart or power off when at the POST screen my SATA drives would no longer be there. If I turned the power off and back on from the POST screen it would proceed to find one of my drives each time I did it. This error was repeatable each time that Vista would shut down. If it was hung and I reset the computer manually it would find the drives perfectly fine and everything ran as normal.

    I re-flashed my bios thinking that maybe something is corrupt also checked hardware side to see if the cables were loose everything checked out fine. So today I've installed the drivers for the 1573 off of NVIDIA's site and all problems seem to have been fixed so far. Vista can restart and there are no problems with locating the drives as well as the intermittant problems I was having in Vista are gone. Perhaps Vista is declaring the drives as disconnected when it shuts down? I'm not sure but there seems to be a problem with the default drivers. Just wanted to give some feedback if there are others with the same SATA controller as I have that installing the drivers from NVIDIA's site seems to have alleviated the problems. As I said I've only installed them today so I'll have to see if any problems come up and I'll report here as I find them.

    My guess is something was going wrong on my system with the hot swap feature for the drives. As when I installed the other drivers Vista also installed drivers for each of my two drives and hot swap is no longer there in the taskbar.
    Monday, September 4, 2006 9:40 PM

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  • The only problems I have had with Vista and SATA was that Vista would not allow me to use the legacy SATA drivers maxtor included. Since RC1 that has not been a problem, Vista sees my drive and installs, reboots, etc with no problems

    Tuesday, September 5, 2006 4:13 PM