Grant rights to set out of office reply for other users


  • When we were on Exchange 2010 I was able to setup rights for our administrative employees to have the ability to set out of office replies for all of our users through OWA.

    How do I do that in O365 Exchange online? I just want to give right to set the out of office reply, no other rights.


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  • In EAC I see the permissions and admin role/user roles but I don't see anything that would allow me to grant rights for other users to set OOF replies for other users. Maybe there is a power shell command I can use to accomplish this.

    I'll keep digging.

    Edit: I found the powwershell command to set it but still nothing on how to give users rights to set out of office replies for others...

    Edit 2: I think I'm getting closer.
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  • To set OOO for another user, you need to have access to the Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration cmdlet, which by default is part of the "Mail Recipients" role. Simply assign this role to the user in question, or make them member of the "Recipient Management" role group. If you want to minimize the number of permissions they will have, the first approach is recommended, or even better, you can create a custom RBAC role.

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