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  • I'm trying to develop a VS/VB app to feed iCloud calendar info into my home automation system (HomeSeer).  I've been looking for a week or so and gone down many ratholes.  Does anyone an example which they'd be willing to share?
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  • Looks to me like there's libraries available for that.

    Google search results for "Caldav ical .Net api"

    Google search results for ".net caldav client library"

    Google search results for "Caldav iCloud client"

    Google search for "Caldav iCloud client libraries"

    Adding iCalendar Support to Your Program - Part 1 - This link is old and you will need to use a converter such as Telerik to convert the C# code to VB.Net if it will all convert correctly.

    Also Caldav itself seems to be an internet standard. With regard to iCloud Caldav perhaps you would need to find an apple group to get information about that. Although from various threads I've read a Caldav client should be able to work with any Caldav site which I guess is what iCloud may be or may have available among other things.

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  • Also read the information at this link Harvard University - iCloud Calendar sharing to iCal4 or CalDAV client and if the information is accurate, I don't know what year it was created, then a CalDav client should be able to access iCloud Calendar if the configuration is set up correctly at iCloud for the Calendar in question.

    Since CalDav is a standard then a CalDav client should work.

    However it may be that you would need to find an Apple developers site regarding iCloud Calendar to verify this.

    Also see How to connect to icloud calendar? and not that Cronofy mentioned at link is an API that has to be purchased.

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  • Thank you for your suggestions.  I'd already seen many of these links.  Most either use some DLL/Library/product  which I can't get to work, is not suitable for VB or is a generic framework.

    I've yet to be able to piece together the right URL, Headers, and request syntax to get anything but "Bad Request" back fro iCloud.  I will continue to look for a straight forward example which I can replicate in a VB script.  I have the relevant ID's...I just can figure out what to do with them.

    Thanks again for your help,

    Rick (aka Mad Mellow)


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  • Hi Mad Mellow,

    Thank you for posting in MSDN Forum.

    The only API into Apple Calendar is CalDAV. This is a client/server document protocol that is used to submit and retrieve iCalendar documents. Since you are developing with third-party API. We are unable to offer helpful suggestion. I suggest you could post in iCloud for Developers for better support.

    Thanks for your understanding and support.

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