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  • Windows 8 64 bit

    2 wd my book 4tb drives

    I can see them in disc management as dynamic, and am able to write to them.

    I use "storage spaces" from control panel, and that's how I end up with the notice quoted in title line above.

    Any ideas?


    Saturday, April 20, 2013 10:05 PM


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  • Dynamic disks are NOT eligible for being added to a storage pool. (See: : though it refers to Server UI, the underlying restriction is applicable to both client and server).

    You must convert the disks to basic disks using Disk Management UI before they will be usable with storage spaces. Note this process deletes all data on the disks that you are converting.

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  • I don't understand. I am trying to create mirrored drives, with two identical WD drives, formatted MBR. One of them has Windows 10 installed on it. Brand new installation. The other one is empty.

    Both drives appeared as basic drives in disk management. The "add mirror" option was not available. I looked this up and another technet article indicated that I had to switch to dynamic drives to do this. So I followed instructions to convert to dynamic drives. It said there was not enough disk space. So I followed the instructions to shrink the partition size by 100MB to allow for the conversion, on both drives (0 and 1). After this I was able to convert to dynamic drives. 

    However when I right-click on drive 0 to add mirror, the option was still greyed out. I looked up this condition and found that drives could not be mirrored that are not in the same storage space. Ok. So now I go to add the two drives to a storage space, and "no drives that work with storage spaces are available." I looked up that error condition, and it brought me here, where I learn that dynamic disks are not eligible for being added to a storage pool. 

    How then does one create a simple mirrored drive on a Windows box? If the drives need to be in the same storage space (or storage pool? not sure of the difference) and if that requires that they be basic drives, then how does that jibe with the supposition that in order to mirror the drives, they must be dynamic? 

    Oi vey. Please help me to see the light! Thank you. 

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