I have been using Proclarity for several years. What is micorsoft's furture plans for Proclarity in PerformancePoint. RRS feed



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    ProClarity will built-in into PerformancePoint Server.


    "Microsoft’s PerformancePoint announcement also helps resolve questions about the future of ProClarity’s technology assets. Going forward, Caren says, ProClarity Analytics Server will be subsumed as part of PerformancePoint. Microsoft plans to continue to resell ProClarity’s branded products—and will probably continue to resell the legacy ProClarity products for some time after PerformancePoint ships (sometime in Q2 or Q3 of 2007)—but at some point ProClarity’s existing product packaging will go away.

    “The roadmap for ProClarity Analytics Server is PerformancePoint. This is where everything shows up, and it’s Angel next-generation [revision] of the existing stuff,” he comments.

    Microsoft will also offer its BSM 2005 tool for some time to come, even though BSM is slated become part of PerformancePoint, too. "


    “We will keep BSM on the market through PerformancePoint’s availability, [while] ProClarity will remain on the market today and will remain likely past PerformancePoint for existing ProClarity customers,” Caren indicates. “We’re trying to be very clear on how [PerformancePoint relates] to customers’ current investments in BSM or ProClarity. So both products [will] stay on the market, but there’s also this happy path, a free path from ProClarity to performance management. So there’s a very clean story for ProClarity users.”


    More details about future of ProClarity you will find in this article.



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    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 6:23 PM