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  • I am working on upgrading a test system that uses two digital IO cards.  Originally the cards were ISA bus but are being replaced with the newer PCI version.  The old cards allowed setting the address by an on board switch and our application was written to explicitly access this address space.  The new cards have their address(es) assigned by the OS (XP SP3).  I need to change the assigned address resources to match the explicit addressing that is used in our application.  I went into device manager to edit the resources, but "Use automatic settings" is checked and the capability to chage it is disabled.  I contacted the card manufacturer and was told by them that resource editing is disabled by the ACPI HAL and I would have to reinstall XP with the "Standard PC" HAL instead of the ACPI to gain access to the editing capability.

    Is this correct or is there some way to edit the address resources with the ACPI HAL installed?



    Friday, May 13, 2011 7:10 PM

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  • I am not trying to change interrupts.  I need to change the allocated addresses.  There is a 4K address space assigned to each of the two I/O cards by the OS.  Our application explicitly uses 32 locations within this 4K space; 180H-19FH for card 1 and 2A0-2BF for card 2.  I need to "tighten" the address allocation (in Device Manager) to match the explicit (32) space used by our application.  As mentioned before, the capability to change the address space has been disabled, apparently by the ACPI HAL.  Is there an option somewhere (or maybe a registry tweak) to allow access to the addresses?



    Monday, May 16, 2011 1:55 PM