two problems please: graphics and media player radio RRS feed

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  • c2d E8400, 3gb ddr2-800, ati hd4870, 32-bit build 7000
    first tried the drivers that W7 installs at setup, then i tried the radeon beta drivers, now i'm using the vista drivers and i still have this problem:

    when i start the game hellgate:london which is setup with directx10, i get a windows message (bottom right) that the color scheme has changed to W7 basic, that the program i'm using is not compatible with some elements of blah blah blah. then the intro movie plays and when i click to start game, it freezes and a error pops up saying: close program to prevent information loss. your computer is low on memory. save you files and close hellgate:london 

    then another message pops up on top of that:
    program (helgate:london) has stopped working and W7 is looking for a solution blah blah blah.

    i've manually set the W7 theme to basic and have successfully run the game. but then all my desktop it's just blech.
    i've also set hellgate to use directx9, it works, but...no

    is there a setting in W7 to behave? also, i didn't run the vista drivers in compatability mode, but they work for everything else, e.g. steam games, dvds, etc.. and the other drivers did the same. so im thinking W7 is acting up here.

    anybody have similar issues? what can i try?

    one more thing, i cant find the search option in media player. i go to media guide, radio, and it lists some crappy stations that i don't like. in winxp i could search for stations by keywords.
    when i click browse all online stores, a blank page appears with: Choice of Online Stores - a world of music at your fingertips blah blah blah...etc etc. but there are no choices to choose from.
    help with stores is a sync guide. i have no clue

    Friday, February 20, 2009 10:14 PM

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  • The ATI Catalyst and drivers shouldn't see any problems going on as well as not needing the right click option for the installer to run in compatibility mode. The game on the other hand installer and simply to run may need 7's troubleshoot compatibility option seen in the snipping capture seen at the link here.


    That presets the compatibilty mode for the previous version of Windows you select by first running the troubleshooting tool to see new entries in the system registry. There's also one or two compatibility mode cleaners found once a program is removed to see those gone as well. Since the installation for the game seemed to have been successful the game's executable file would be the next item for seeing that option applied.
    Saturday, February 21, 2009 5:57 AM
  • i tried this, and it said the program will run in vista compatibility. i still got the same errors and can't run the game. i ended up uninstalling and will try later.

    i also installed lost planet colonies and directx10 work ok, but i can't get the correct refresh rate for my monitor. i use 1680 x 1050 res @ 85 hz, but the game only gives 75 or 86 hz refresh. if i select 86 hz, i loose my resolution. if i use 75 hz the screen shrinks so i can't use the entire monitor viewing area.
    Saturday, February 21, 2009 9:05 PM
  • Zombine, have you gotten this stuff working correctly?

    Friday, May 29, 2009 4:38 PM