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  • First off, I think it is a little crazy that there are still limits on path pathnames and filenames names in Windows. I get that is has to do with the file system type and sure there are reasons but its still absurd that I have to deal with this.

    I have a 30GB project that I have been asked to upload to our SharePoint site (running 2007). The contents of this 30GB is 6,000 PDFs. The company who put together this data broke the data up into 10 DVD's, each DVD has the same folder structure. Inside each DVD are a couple of HTML files, a CSS file and one folder where all of the PDF's live. Again, each DVD is structured the same way. One of the HTML files is called index and when that is opened, you see a local webpage with a folder structure written in HTML. As you open each folder, it shows subfolder and then sub-sub folders and then finally points to the files. This folder structure is only shown in the HTML as all of the DVD's PDF are in one folder. 

    I am starting to see why this did this since there are some lengthy folder names and some very deep folder paths. Personally, i would love just to throw each DVD's contents onto a web server and do it that way, but i've been told it NEEDS to be on SharePoint and I will not win that battle. What can I do as I am started to get yelled at by Windows about the folder/file name length reached its limit. What can I possibly do here? Please keep in mind that they need to know what folder tree each file resides in.

    Thursday, June 7, 2012 6:32 PM


  • Try to stay within the 256 character limit for URL length.


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    Thursday, June 7, 2012 9:59 PM