Error 80072F8F on Surface2 (2014)

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  • Thanks for reading my post, My Surface2 notified me I haven't updated my Windows for 30 days, it is on automatic update, so I was surprised. Anyhow I attempted to update my Microsoft Surface 2, and I received Error 80074F8F. I just received my Surface Pro the beginning of February 2014, If anyone has a solution, please help. I had the same problem with my Sony Vaio, it didn't ever update and I had so many issues with the Vaio, such as camera in use and other problems,  that I decided to purchase a reliable device as I am a college student. I really enjoy my Surface 2 and appreciate any feedback to update Windows and keep my Surface safe. Thank you.
    Saturday, April 05, 2014 11:36 PM

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