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  • Hi, I have one stupid question, but for now, I cannot get it answered anywhere. ¡Please help!


    Let's say we have a shortcut to Outlook 2003 (or any other app) in Windows Vista, and in its properties we have selected that we like Outlook starts minimized. OK. In this scenario, if I open the shortcut when the last time we closed Outlook it had its window minimized (or NOT maximized), it works: Outlook starts minimized, and there isn't even a glimpse of an Outlook window.


    BUT, if we previously had closed Outlook when maximized, it starts MAXIMIZED! . Doesn't care what says the combo box in the shortcut properties.


    Being Outlook, I've even tried a macro, but I'm not too goog in programming. Anyone has an idea why this happens, and how can i get it done?


    Thanks a lot! And sorry for my horrible English Stick out tongue

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008 7:36 PM

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  • Hello, I've tried to reproduce this problem and what I found is that Outlook always starts minmized as long as I modiifed the shortcut and the shortcut is on my desktop or if right click on the shorcut and "Pin to Start Menu".  If you use the Outlook Shortcut that was already pinned to the start menu, then it always started maximized.  Regardless, I always see the Outlook splash screen before it minimizes, but not the entire application.


    Can you provide more details on the steps you are taking to make this happen?





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    Thursday, January 24, 2008 3:24 AM
  • Thanks for your answer!. I'll reproduce all the steps:


    1.- I create a shortcut to Outlook 2003 in the Desktop.

    2.- I right-click the shortcut, select "Properties", and in the "Run:" combo box, I select "Minimized", and click "OK"

    3.- I start Outlook using any other way instead of the new shortcut.

    4.a- If I close now Outlook, being its main window in Normal state, or minimized, and then I open Outlook again using the created shortcut, Outlook starts minimized. The splash screen appears, but it isn't a problem.

    4.b- BUT, if I close Outlook being maximized, and I start it again with the new shortcut in the desktop, it starts MAXIMIZED, when it shouldn't.


    And this is the question: is there a way to start Outlook ALWAYS minimized?


    Thanks for the effort, Jonh
    Thursday, January 24, 2008 12:34 PM
  • You are attempting to minimize an application the correct way, but unforutantely Microsoft Outlook 2003 is problematic in this area; however, Microsoft Outlook 2007 is working now which is why I couldn't reproduce the problem.


    You can start outlook always minimized by creating a VBScript or C# program which starts Microsoft Outlook and then tells the program tells it to minimize. Since scripts don't need to be compiled, I have one listed below which will start Microsoft Outlook and then minimize it.  If you know C# or have someone on staff that does, it would be better since SendKeys in a vbscript is time sensitive. 




    1. Create the VBS file called StartAndMinimizeOutlook.VBS

    2. Create a ShortCut to the VBS file

    a. Change the Icon to the Outlook Icon through Properties / Change Icon and Browse for outlook.exe

    3. DoubleClick the Shortcut

    a. If it doesn't work increase the Sleep period.




    set shell = createobject("wscript.Shell")
    shell.run "outlook.exe", 7, False     '... SH_SHOWMINNOACTIVE=7 "should" work
    wscript.Sleep 4000      '... may need tweaking 1000=1second
    success = shell.appactivate("Outlook Today - Microsoft Outlook") '... window must match first screen
    if success then shell.sendkeys "% n"     ' ... Minimize Alt Space Bar - n

    Good Luck,



    I work at Microsoft. These are my opinions and not my employers.
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    Sunday, January 27, 2008 12:44 AM
  • Good afternoon.

    I need the same answer for Windows Media Player. I wrote the path for my playlist in "Run" command. But I want to complete this command with "/something" that opens WMP minimized. ThanX.


    Wednesday, November 10, 2010 5:42 PM