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  • Configuration Windows 7 X64, 6G Tri-channel memory, Nvidia 800 gtx 650 watt P/S. 2 500g RAID 0, MSI platinum mb.

    Ran the usual memory test from the install DVD no errors. stable system.

    No errors I could find in the event viewer applicable to runing the installer.

    Ran the SFC /scannow option

    Ran chkdsk /f on the c: drive. fixed errors the first time.

    Decided to remove one application at a time.

       Instead of firing up process explorer. I decided to do some old fashion detective work and remove a program at a time.

       The first one on the list was 7 zip. removed both x32 and x64 versions.  The x32 version I remember was 9.20.

    Ran the Nvidia driver installer for 260.xx (something). OMG. it works.

    Something about this version of the third party program was interfering with the setup up app.

    Was able to run the setup directly to confirm the cause and fix. both prior to removing 7zip and post removal.

    If you find this helpful then please post your agreement or comments!

    Probably would have been easier with process monitor or re-installing, but wanted to sharpen my old fashion skills learned back in the 80s.




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  • 275.33 released June 1 is the latest Nvidia driver - was that giving you the same problem? Was there a reason you were using the older 260 driver?


    Is there a reason you had both 32 and 64-bit versions of 7-zip installed?

    I imagine many people have both 7-zip and Nvidia 260 drivers installed successfully on Win7 64-bit, so it would seem there is another variable involved.

    Did you try removing any other application besides 7-zip? It is curious that the first program you removed resolved it. You said you installed 7-zip again and again the 260 driver install would fail (at least that is how I read it), which does point more towards that app specifically. But maybe Windows Installer is just going in and out of a problem state when you are adding/removing an app.

    If the Nvidia driver install is MSI-based, it would be interesting to see what the Windows Installer logs were saying in terms of where it was failing, or if Nvidia creates an installer log of its own that would show how far it got and any errors it encountered.

    Saturday, July 16, 2011 5:15 PM