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  • i'm trying to access aero to help diagnose and fix excessive paging in my windows vista home basic sp2, 512, 32 with ms security essentials and its everloading though "optional" definition updates (3 on the 8th alone).

    i've uninstalled and disabled (some with revo pro) everything i dare and am down to one, microsoft start up.  still the running processes with nothing but msgconfig open to view, are extensive as are the errors, warnings and failures.  i think i have way more ms programs services applications processess reports files logs apples, no appelets, oranges and bananas ... than i could possibly need to check my email, manage some finances, print my taxes and play some on-line games.

    i've endured numerous browser, program and disk cleans, defrags, system restores, 2 rounds of mr fix its and multiple ms Answer Desk command scans and Advanced PC Tune Ups. 

    i'm also using 1024 mb i think with ready boost from a 8 gb flash drive. 

    i realize disk space, memory, ram... is the issue.  it seems everything i do to gain a little, a fix, fixer, update or restore takes back.  ms level 2 support thinks i have enough to do the little i need. currently c: 102 mb, 72% free; d: 889 mb, 13% free.  now i'm waiting for support to send me a new vista disk to try a repair.  i'm very leary about performing this fix however as i'm wonder if it will initiate a whole new round of udates, settings and schedule adjustments, problems and aggravation...

    todays reliability and performance scan warning of excessive paging and memory diagnosis launched me to try aero.  of course i couldn't find it and i think i meet the other requirements so i clicked on mr fixit again (not auto, let me picks).  naturally aero effects are not supported and asks if i want to upgade this edition of Windows?

    Finally my questions?

    is mr fix it asking me to upgrade to windows 7 (half my support questions lead me here)?

    will there be a fee?

    will it include a bunch more stuff i don't use with another 1000 updates to download and what will that do to my space?

    how is the functionality of aero?  will it be worth it?

    will it negate the need for or ability of the vista disk fix coming?

    how many more new tricks will i need to learn?

    and while i'm at it, how do i ask microsoft security essentials to tell the microsoft security center to recognize and report back to the microsoft operating system that i have microsoft anti-virus software?

    Sunday, March 10, 2013 9:08 PM

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  • 1. Windows 7 can fix your performance issue, therefore, MS FixIt will lead you there.
    2. It is not free. You need to purchase upgrade license.
    3. After installing Windows 7, please install Service Pack 1 as well. After that, there won't be a lot of updates.
    4. About Aero desktop experience, you can refer to: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/features/aero
    5. You don't need ?Vista disk fix. Please require Windows 7 disk.
    6. Windows 7 is easy to use.
    7. MSE is compatible with Windows 7.

    Niki Han
    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 3:28 AM
  • thanks niki,

    sure appreciate your explicit and denoted answers and advice.  i won't vote helpful yet in case i can get more input?

    seems the upgrade will sure help some of my issues but won't help the disk space and memory issues, will it?

    what are your thoughts about superfetch if possible?

    or decreasing the the allocation of my virtual memory from the 1088 mb now, to the recommended 753 mb?  obviously i didn't set these amounts...just checked them after more searches.  and why is it set higher if the advanced settings recommend the lower, could it have been one of the tune ups or mr fixits?

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    Wednesday, March 13, 2013 2:15 AM