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    I am a network administrator. some times i need admins rights in nommal ( standard) domain users.

    i dont want to log off from normal user and log in as administrator user.

    is there any way that i temprory have admins right in normal user????

    plz note that i know this commands:

    @echo off
    REM ********************************************************************
    REM  This batch file starts a command shell under the current user account,
    REM  after temporarily adding that user to the local Administrators group.
    REM  Any program launched from that command shell will also run with
    REM  administrative privileges.
    REM  You will be prompted for two passwords in two separate command shells:
    REM  first, for the password of the local administrator account, and
    REM  second for the password of the account under which you are logged on.
    REM  (The reason for this is that you are creating a new logon session in
    REM  which the user will be a member of the Administrators group.)
    REM  The following values may be changed in order to customize this script:
    REM  * _Prog_  : the program to run
    REM  * _Admin_ : the name of the administrative account that can make changes
    REM              to local groups (usu. "Administrator" unless you renamed the
    REM              local administrator account).  The first password prompt
    REM              will be for this account.
    REM  * _Group_ : the local group to temporarily add the user to (e.g.,
    REM              "Administrators").
    REM  * _User_  : the account under which to run the new program.  The second
    REM              password prompt will be for this account.  Leave it as
    REM              %USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME% in order to elevate the current user.
    REM ********************************************************************

    set _Admin_=%COMPUTERNAME%\Administrator
    set _Group_=Administrators
    set _Prog_="cmd.exe /k Title *** %* as Admin *** && cd c:\ && color 4F"
    set _User_=%USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%

    if "%1"=="" (
        runas /u:%_Admin_% "%~s0 %_User_%"
        if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo. && pause
    ) else (
        echo Adding user %* to group %_Group_%...
        net localgroup %_Group_% "%*" /ADD
        if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo. && pause
        echo Starting program in new logon session...
        runas /u:"%*" %_Prog_%
        if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo. && pause
        echo Removing user %* from group %_Group_%...
        net localgroup %_Group_% "%*" /DELETE
        if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo. && pause



     but this commands give me a command prompt admins right.. i need  to have admins right in graphical mode...like end a proccess  or instal a hardware.

    thanks a lot

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010 6:31 AM

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  • Simply use the secondary log on feature (RUN AS) when you want to perform a task that requires admin rights.

    or better still, include the standard user account in a domain group which you use group policy to configure exclusive admin rights for SPECIFIC ACIVITIES.  

    Tunde Abagun MCP,MCSA,MCTS,MCITP en p "for the love of Computers"
    Tuesday, December 7, 2010 8:42 PM