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  • Hi!  I too have the Blue Death Screen.  I can recall downloading SP3 from somewhere and I dont think it was from MS ???.   I also deleted a virus program CA Security Suite which was not showing in Control Panel, so I deleted it from the Program files in order to intall a fresh copy of the virus program and since then everything went haywire.  Prior to all this I was attempting to view some videos on You Tube and each time I attempted to view, the computer would shut down and restart.  On checking the hardware/Device Manager I found that there were two Network adapters installed of the same description. So I deleted the last one as it may have come from an Update. Things were going well untill I kept getting a message that the system had had a fatal error. I tried to Recover the system through my Gigabyte program but it did not help as my unit now displayed the Blue Screen with the same error as aforesaid above. As I have another computer on hand I was able to download the GDI32 dll to  my desktop and put it on a stick.  Entering the system via Safe Mode and making several attempts via the options available the system keeps returning to the BlueScreen. The only two options that I have not tried are Networking and Command Prompt and not being conversant in the dos area I have temporarily not been down that pathway. A few days ago I checked the CMOS and found that in the BIOS the order of BootUp was locked in the order of FD,CD,HD so the system will not boot from the CD.  This nescesitates removing the battery and shorting the system but as things were operating normally then I left it for a later date.  I'm not sure if I did it now that it would be of great help. 

    I know B.A. about computer systems and what little I know has been picked up around the traps and I would appreciate some assistance. As I have said that my knowledge is limited in this area, on reading your post I am not very clear about your method and whether it would resolve my problem. But we can only try.

    I look forward to your response - thank you.     JORIPOKREE

    **  Mr  Sinatra:   Your post indicates that you were successful in getting your system back OnLine.  I would appreciate any constructive comments from you  or anyone -   HELP  !! 

    I am currently  going to clear CMOS by shorting the battery holder in an attempt to enter BIOS and change the order of startup as it is currently locked and although it indicates 'Enter" the system does not respond.   i.e. if the Blue Screen does not popup again


    Monday, February 27, 2012 1:08 AM

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  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 can be downloaded from the following address


    Talking about the Blue Screen, I suggest you to locate the DMP file in the \Windows\Minidump folder, upload it to your Windows Live SkyDrive, make it publicly accessible and post the URL here, so we can analyze it and try to understand what's going wrong with your system.


    Luigi Bruno - Microsoft Community Contributor 2011 Award

    Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:43 PM