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  • So I have two machines, one with SQL Server 2005 installed and the other with SQL Server 2005 AND SQL Server 2008 RC0 installed.

    • I ran the Deployment Wizard against an SSAS 2005 database on the "2005 only" server and scripted out.
    • I ran the Deployment Wizard for 2005 against an SSAS 2005 database on the "2005/2008" server and scripted out.
    • I ran the Deployment Wizard for 2008 against an SSAS 2008 database on the "2005/2008" server and scripted out.

    For all scripts I selected the "Retain Roles and Members" option for security roles.  This had a known "by-design limitation" which excluded object permissions in 2005 (  My friend and colleague Dan English blogged about this here.


    Based on what Dan discovered, that 2008 behavior improved and retained the object permissions.  I confirmed this based on my tests as well, but found something else interesting...


    The 2005 DB script created on the 2005/2008 server also had the object permissions included and was identical to 2008 script with the some XML tags had minor version diffs (e.g. DdsShapes.DdsObjectManagerBridge.1 in 2005 script and DdsShapes.DdsObjectManagerBridge.2 in 2008)


    So, I am assuming that if you install SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 on the same machine, side-by-side, and use the Deployment Wizard for 2005 deployments, it will reap the benefits of the 2008 enhancements?  Is this because of shared components? 


    Anyone else discover this?

    Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:54 PM