Scheduled tasks via GPO


  • Hello everyone,

    In our environment we have Windows Server 2012R2 domain controllers with 2008R2 functional level, and lots of Windows 8.1 client machines. We have created a gpo which copies some scripts to local computer folder and which creates (with update option) a Scheduled task, which has to run at startup with 60 seconds delay (for network). 

    Task creates, but the problem is that our task not always runs, sometimes runs, sometimes not. After reboot task history says that its registration has been updated and does not run. Does the Update option prevents running task after its registration is updated? Because I think that when task registration is updated it will run the next time after triggered? When its not updated after reboot - it will run. Or if I am missing something?

    Or maybe someone has any suggestions how can i put computer description to AD without any scripts? Because in our organization lots of information about computer location, department, user and etc. is stored not in computer name, but in description.

    P.S. Startup scripts (without scheduled tasks) are working even worse. Scheduled tasks has bigger success rate...

    Thursday, May 12, 2016 5:07 AM


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