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  • I have an issue, which is related to JavaScript Cross Browser Scripting rules.


    I have an Exchange 2010 server set up, with the OWA interface in an iFrame on our website. Problem is, we've got https://server.ca/ as the homepage (and secured with EV SSL), and the OWA mail interface is https://mail.server.ca/ (with regular SSL) - and this is enough difference for the js not to work when in the iFrame (works amazingly perfect outside of the iFrame)


    Now the only issue from this is when a user open the Options page, tries to change a password, or edit contacts, etc.

    I know how to solve this issue, but can't seem to figure out how to do it technically speaking; Launch the Options in a new window.


    Option A - Remove the Options link from the top of the OWA interface (can't figure this out anyways...) and then add a link to the page in its place Opening the options in a new window.

    Option B - Change the Options (and any/all links to the ECP related pages for that matter) button to Launch in a new Window.


    Anyone know how I can accomplish either of these solutions?


    I solved Removing/adding new links.

    I found this in OWA/forms/premium/startpage.aspx:

    <div id="divAlertBarContainer">
    	<% RenderBreadcrumbs(); %>
    	<% RenderingUtilities.RenderAlertBarButtons(Response.Output, OwaContext); %>

    I removed the line

    <% RenderingUtilities.RenderAlertBarButtons(Response.Output, OwaContext); %>

    And Will add my own Hyperlinks which open in new windows, therefor bypassing the Javascript errors.

    Friday, March 9, 2012 2:06 AM

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  • My new issue arises from removed line. When someone gets a new email or calendar notification it pops up at 0px top 0px left and when you dismiss whatever it is the popup does not close.

    Anyone have an idea how I can fix this? or add a "close" button? I've scoured the code for hours upon hours many times and I cannot figure a way to accomplish this without some help.


    Friday, June 15, 2012 4:22 AM