SET NOCOUNT ON;EXEC proc_StartUndirtyList RRS feed

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  • After migration content database from one farm to another 

    sharepoint database executes this code which makes slow down the performance

     SET NOCOUNT ON;EXEC proc_StartUndirtyList 
     '91923151-A2D1-4ECB-A0D7-17D5CBD21311','95645B22-A5F4-4F16-B0D0-E7741C39A589';SELECT TOP 1000 U.ntext2,D.DirName,D.LeafName,D.Level FROM dbo.TVF_Docs_DirNameEqLike_Value('9A5F05E3-47D7-43A3-B733-9E19636E1099',N'Lists/General Approval System', N'Lists/General Approval System/%') AS D INNER JOIN AllUserData AS U WITH(INDEX=AllUserData_ParentId, FORCESEEK) ON  U.tp_SiteId = D.SiteId AND U.tp_DeleteTransactionId = 0x AND U.tp_IsCurrentVersion = CONVERT(bit, 1) AND U.tp_ParentId = D.ParentId AND U.tp_DocId = D.Id AND U.tp_CalculatedVersion = 0 AND U.tp_Level = D.Level WHERE D.ListDataDirty = 1 AND U.tp_RowOrdinal=0 ORDER BY D.DirName Asc, D.LeafName Asc, D.Level OPTION (FORCE ORDER, MAXDOP 1)

    Tuesday, September 22, 2020 4:30 AM

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