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    I am aware that the default date for the time intelligence date is the current date which is todays date. So all the TI formulas will go against todays date. My cube isn't current, just like the project Real cube shown on the demos on the internet. What I would like to know, is there a way to set the current date for time intelligence to a date of your choosing, a configurable date. This would allow me to not have to change my day ti formulas on a daily basis to get to the current date in the cube that I consider to be the current date. 




    Wednesday, March 24, 2010 4:01 PM


  • In demos and POCs I typically will not utilize the TI because of this.  Typically you are working with data that does not get refreshed, so the dates and references keep changing over time.  You could setup a job or do an update to the data source to keep changing the reference date that is configured in the Time tab of the data source.  If you don't want to do it through Dashboard Designer you could run a statement to update the FCObjects for the ObjectType=5 (data source) and your Name (data source name - hopefully you only have one with that name) and simply update the information in the SerializedXML column for the ReferenceDataTime attribute value.

    I will usually go with handling the setting of the Current Date in the ETL process and have a column that gets flaged in the Date dimension table.  I want to be able to control what data gets displayed to the end user based on the data that is in the DW.  Typically I will not use the TI and I simply create a named set in the cube for the CurrentDay and take the first item in that named set as my reference point.  If you want more details on that I would be more than happy to provide you some details on that offline.

    Additional thoughts (3/25/2010): I know the TI functionality is nice.  The other reason that I tend to push this into the cube is because there may be other applications that will need this same type of logic and the items will never be part of the PPS dashboards.  Like if an external user is connecting to the cube with Excel 2007, where will they be able to get this type of logic?  If you don't build it then they won't have it available to them.  Same could be true for SSRS or Report Builder reports.

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