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  • Hi All,

    I've a Powershell script to set up user identity of a 32bits DCOM application (Excel 32bits). To do that, I've used a sample of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7  that I've compiled "DComPerm.exe". 

    New-Item -Path "$RegPath" -Name "$AppID" -Value "Microsoft Excel Application"
    DComPerm.exe -runas "$appId" $DomainUser $Password

    Everything seems good, just that I expect Excel to throw this exception when I open it up:

    Cannot use object linking and embedding

    This happen only if I manually type in cmd "mmc comexp.msc /32" and then browse the 32 bits component service console till I click on DCOM Config which load DCOM objects.

    (Which is normal I'm running 32 bits excel application on a 64bits windows machine)

    Don’t know how to script that last step, any help will be appreciated ?


    Thursday, October 18, 2018 1:12 PM

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, I don't know what your problem is. If you want to Change DCOM config security settings using Powershell.

    You can use WMI to do it. "Win32_DCOMApplicationSetting" class can help you.

    $dcom = Get-WMIObject -Class Win32_DCOMApplicationSetting -Filter 'Description="Something"'

    Refer the link below:


    Best Regards,


    Just do it.

    Friday, October 19, 2018 9:40 AM
  • Lee,

    Thank you for your reply, I've previously used "Win32_DCOMApplicationSetting" class and found that it wasn't able to completely setup the user identity (in my case I needed to pass the "password" as a parameter).  With Dcomperm.exe sdk package, I'm able to do so.

    Now the issue is that as I'm setting up a 32bit Dcom apllication (Excel) running on a 64bit windows machine, I still need to manually call 32bit version of component service (mmc comexp.msc /32) and browse it till Dcom Config folder to be able to see the DCOM object displays itself in the console. 



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    Friday, October 19, 2018 2:37 PM
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